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follow link The term “wet” refers to marijuana laced with PCP. This is done to enhance the effects of both drugs.

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http://microlab.de/index.php/news?start=5 Lacing is the act of adding one or more substances to another. There are some street drugs that are commonly laced with other drugs for various different reasons, but it mostly it is done to “bulk up,” or make stronger, the original substance especially if it is weak, like a weak strain of marijuana. Otherwise, lacing is done in order to sell other, cheaper drugs in the place of something more expensive. In order to maximize profitability many drugs are laced with drugs of similar physical and/or chemical properties. Drugs with similar chemical properties are used because they are less expensive, or easier to obtain.

dulcolax priceline People sometimes make their own wet drug with other substances so as to combine or alter the physiological or psychoactive effects. In that way, they make wet drugs because they are stronger and have more intense effects.

grifulvin v 500 mg tablet micardis 50mg qds What is PCP?

lexapro 10mg tablets PCP (phencyclidine) is considered to be a hallucinogen and has many of the same effects as LSD, but can be much more dangerous – it acts as a hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant, and anesthetic – all at the same time. In the 1950’s, PCP was investigated as an anesthetic, but due to its severe side effects, its development for human use was discontinued. PCP is known for causing violent behavior and serious physical reactions such as seizures, coma, and death. There is no way to predict who will have a bad reaction to the drug.

khasiat metoclopramide hcl 10mg In its original state, PCP is a white crystalline powder. PCP is available in tablet, liquid, and powder forms and is either ingested orally or smoked by applying the liquid form to tobacco or marijuana cigarettes or by lacing these and other cigarettes, sometimes containing herbs such as mint or parsley, with PCP powder.

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order propecia no prescription Also called “wet” or “water,” PCP often causes you to feel detached, distant and estranged from your surroundings. People who use the wet drug experience numbness, slurred speech and loss of coordination accompanied by a sense of strength and invulnerability. Auditory hallucinations, image distortion, severe mood disorders, and amnesia may also occur. In some users, PCP may cause acute anxiety and a feeling of impending doom, in others paranoia and violent hostility, and in some it may produce a psychoses indistinguishable from schizophrenia. PCP use is associated with a number of risks and many believe it to be one of the most dangerous drugs of abuse. People on wet drug often have a blank stare, rapid and involuntary eye movements, and an exaggerated gait, or way of walking.

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side effects of lamictal for bipolar disorder Smoking wet marijuana is very dangerous. Again, it is marijuana that has been soaked in PCP and therefore causes enhanced effects of this wet drug combination, causing serious and disturbing hallucinations. Therefore, this enhancement to the drug’s high comes at a very serious price: PCP is highly toxic to the body and can cause respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, as well as kidney failure and liver failure. Because it enters the bloodstream as well, this can cause permanent damage to the body.

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