What does recovery from addiction look like?

Recovery from addiction
Recovery from addiction

Recovery looks more like a journey rather than a destination or ending point. Building dependence among drugs and alcohol does not happen overnight, it takes time, therefore building “independence” from recovery also takes time. Addiction and alcoholism are defined as diseases. Alcoholism is the physical dependence on any mind or mood altering substance and the continued use regardless of consequences. Alcoholism is not a moral deficiency but rather a disease of the mind, body and spirit. Most people who become alcoholics cannot stop using drugs or drinking simply because they want to or “will” themselves to. Most people who suffer from addiction or alcoholism must seek outside help or an outside solution to help them get sober and then remain sober as they journey into recovery.

Recovery is the cessation of drug use or drinking after the disease of alcoholism has been formed. In order to remain sober, addicts and alcoholics must find help from an outside source because they cannot find recovery or gain recovery on their own. Most of the time addicts and alcoholics who want to be in recovery have tried many times to be sober on their own and have not been capable of achieving it. This is why drug and alcohol treatment centers are available to anyone suffering with the disease of alcoholism or addiction. Recovery from alcohol is offered in the form of detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and support groups at these drug and alcohol treatment centers. Just merely staying clean during the stay at a treatment center is not true recovery and in order to truly recover from the disease of alcoholism and addiction something more than just drug and alcohol treatment must be completed. This is where some kind of solution based therapy comes into play in order for the journey to true and real recovery to begin.

Most people who want recovery begin by looking into 12 step programs because the term recovered is used in such self-help groups. Recovery looks like the ability to live life effectively and usefully without the use of drugs and alcohol; not just the cessation of drug use and drinking but also. This is why recovery looks more like a lifestyle and not so much a destination that people reach once they get sober. Recovery looks like a way of living. More people than not find recovery in their 12 step fellowship such as AA or NA because it treats all three aspects of the disease of alcoholism. 12 step fellowships offer recovery from alcohol because they give the addict or alcoholic not only the chance to stay sober but also steps to live a more effective and useful life. The 12 step programs of recovery offer a spiritual solution to a disease which includes a spiritual malady or maladjustment to life.

Recovery begins as soon as an addict or alcoholic’s behavior, ideals, ideas, thoughts, and actions change for the better. Recovery does not merely look like living life and battling against the disease of every day but instead, finding the solution so they may never think of using drugs or drinking again. Recovery allows this because it teaches a new way of life.


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